Introductory Kimono Course

4 week course of 2 hours (8 hours in total) including a break with different types of Japanese tea each week and Japanese sweets (wagashi) in the last week.

Lesson 1:   Types of Kimono & History of Kimono                      (Bancha) 

Lesson 2:  Obi & accessories                                                     (Genmaicha) 

Lesson 3:  Casual Kimonos (Show & Wear)                               (Sencha) 

Lesson 4:  Formal Kimonos (Show & Wear)                               (Maccha & Wagashi)

The lessons will introduce the nature and variation of kimonos including the display of a number of different kimono types. The 3rd and 4th lessons will include the opportunity to try on a causal and a formal kimono.


These classes can be tailored for any age group including children. Please understand that my kimonos are suitable for people of about 150 to 170 cms. So the kimonos might not fit all people. But it is not necessary to wear the kimonos to benefit from the course.

Japanese language terms for kimono will also be introduced. The amount of language content will depend on the wishes of the students.


                                                             Lesson Fee per person


The more people in the class, the cheaper the lesson. If several people apply to study at the same time we can discuss creating a group lesson.

1 person: £300

2 people: £280

3 people: £140

4 people: £120


If you are interested in my kimono course, please contact me by email.

                                                         My Experience of Kimono

I was born into a family who love kimono. I remember my great-grandmother, grandmother, my mother and my aunts were dressing up wearing kimono for weddings. I thought they looked wonderful and I was looking forward to wearing as an adult.

My first experience wearing kimono was when I was one year old. Of course I do not remember this experience but looking at a photograph of me sitting on my mother`s lap wearing a casual kimono makes me feel happy.

As a child I wore kimonos several times including Shichi-go-san (festival celebrating 3, 5, and 7 year old children). Wearing kimono is part of our family history and my cultural identity handed down to me by my grandmother and my mother.

When I was at university I joined a kimono school for one year and I was given a qualification as a 2nd class kimono teacher. I should have continued to progress to reach a master level but I continued to wear and teach kimono as a teacher of Japanese language and culture.

I hope to introduce the history and wonder of kimonos to more people. Kimono is not only for Japanese people but for all those who love beautiful fabrics garments and fashion.