Hello. I am Eriko Suzuki. I have been working as a teacher of Japanese in London since September 2003.

I really enjoy helping my students to learn the Japanese language. I use a lot of original teaching materials such as calligraphy and audio files. I like creating unique materials for each student. I created this homepage by myself. I like `mono-zukuri` (creating things).


I believe learning Japanese and Japanese culture is fun and useful for your future or expanding your ideas and thoughts. Japan is not well known in the world and it is regarded as a `mysterious country` because of a lack of information about Japan in the media.


Learning Japanese will help you to understand Japanese people, Japanese history & culture and why Japan is such a creative and innovative country. Let`s learn Japanese together and discover the unique aspects of hidden Japanese world! 







日本語を学ぶことは、皆さんが日本人、日本の歴史や文化、そしてなぜ日本がこれほどクリエイティブで革新的な国であるのか理解するのに役立つでしょう。 一緒に日本を学び、日本のユニークな秘密を発見しましょう!

鈴木えり子 (すずき えりこ)  Eriko Suzuki

Email: erikosuzuki@hotmail.co.jp

仕事 (Work)

日本文化 (Japanese Culture)