Classes of the Japanese Language & Japanese Culture in London

I have been in charge of courses of GCSE, A-Level, JLPT, FCO Language Centre etc.

I am also in charge of courses for students who want to learn Japanese for fun, to travel in Japan and to live in Japan in the future.



Example: the Anime Society at Goldsmiths College in London

I provided 4 intensive lessons to about 25 members of the Anime Society at Goldsmiths College in 2014. I used Anime characters and Anime songs to make lessons more fun and memorable. The students seem to have enjoyed learning Japanese using creative learning materials. 



Business Japanese

I provided lessons for diplomats at the Foreign and Commonwealth Office, professional business people, a curator at the British Library, lawyers, bankers, game creators, actors, dentists etc. I teach at companies, students` houses, cafes and my house.


Example 1: Lessons in the Language Center in Foreign and Commonwealth Office

Calligraphy Workshop at the FCO Language Centre (April 2016)

I taught Japanese to a diplomat in the Language Centre in Foreign and Commonwealth Office from October 2015 to April 2016. The lesson content included presentations, discussions and role-plays as well as vocabularies and grammars that are necessary to work as a diplomat in Japan and the UK. The student worked at the British Embassy Tokyo for 5 years after my lessons.

1: 英国外務省言語センターでの授業


Example 2: Lawyer

I provided lessons for a lawyer from 2007 to 2008 using business Japanese textbooks and DVDs related to his work. He appreciated learning about Japanese society and Japanese court system through studying authentic dramas and useful terms for conversations about legal issues.



Example 3: Curator at the British Library

Helping a curator in the British Library with special terms related to traditional Japanese arts and to increase her skills in talking with Japanese artists and others related in industries in 2014.

3: 大英図書館の学芸員


Japanese Traditional Culture

I also introduce kimono, Japanese calligraphy, tea ceremony, flower arrangement, cooking and history of Japan in Japanese culture classes. My students like to try on my kimonos, cooking miso soup or soba, learning about samurai of Sengoku (War) era using dramas.


Private Japanese Lessons (2000 - 2024)

I had more than 100 students in my private Japanese classes. The youngest student was 4 years old and the oldest student was 85 years old. Students` nationalities are varied: British, British & Japanese (Half), French, Italian, German, Canadian, American, Chinese etc. I enjoy having lessons with people from all over the world.

   I had about 30 students who were studying at school (primariy school to university). About 70 adult students had various jobs: teachers, curators, lawyers, dentists, bankers, IT engineers, property developers, restaurant owners, writers, musicians, actors, game creators etc. I learnt many things from my students who have different nationalities and social background.

   Each student has different aims and goals to learn Japanese, so I make a lesson plan with my students listening to their requests. I will continue to make effort to help my students enjoy learning Japanse and communicate with Japanese people.